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    We offer Internet Marketing services to small and midsize businesses. Believe it or not our main goal is not to drive traffic to your website, our main goal is to increase sales and generate revenue for your business. All though driving traffic to a website is part of the overall strategy of an Internet Marketing campaign, it should not be the primary focus. Unfortunately many businesses today are mistakenly informed that if they increase the traffic to their website it will somehow miraculously increase sales, this is not necessarily true. Allow us to explain. Which of the following scenarios would you prefer? 10,000 monthly visitors to your website generating $50,000 in sales or, 5000 monthly visitors to your website generating $75,000 in sales. We prefer the latter. Internet Marketing is not just about traffic or clicks; Internet Marketing is about generating revenue. Internet Marketing is a means to an end. Many SEO companies will promise top ranking and first-place results but rarely if ever will promise an increase in revenue. At Park Ave Web services we focus on revenue. After all isn't that why we are all in business? The keyword is "Quality". Drive Quality traffic to your website and the natural consequence to this will be an increase in revenue. Contact us to see how we can help your business. Get started by filling out the free website analysis form and we'll send you a free report on the current status of your website. Once you receive the free report feel free to contact us to discuss the results and how we can help improve your Internet Marketing Campaign.

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    Phone books are out, search engines are in. In today's digital world, customer research is done through internet search engines, and there is a fine science behind getting a high ranking on searches that pertain to your business. Businesses that harness the rising power of search engines and invest in thorough online marketing campaigns will rapidly elevate above their competition. For any given trade, people are out there looking for your products and/or services; but whether or not they are finding you is a another question. If you are not on top of your internet presence, your business is consistently being overlooked and pushed aside in favor of businesses that have realized the importance of search engine optimization. Park Ave Web Services will not only heighten your internet presence, we'll make sure that your website stands out as a fierce competitor in the search engine rankings of whatever industry you may be involved in. Call us now for a free consultation. Contact Us 973-850-6388

  • Top Rankings
    What it Means

    A top ranking website on the first page of a search engine result page (SERP) can significantly increase revenue for a business within their given industry. While this may be common knowledge, most businesses don't fully understand the power of proper Internet Marketing, and the ever-evolving nature of search engine intricacies. Many local businesses have spend money and failed with other SEO companies because they don't realize the vast field of strategies and possibilities within a well-coordinated Internet Marketing campaign. The success of a website is not necessarily measured by the amount of traffic it receives. The success of a web page should be measured by one criteria: Does the visitor do what you want them to do when they land on your website? Success is measured by having a qualified visitor take some form of action with the ultimate goal of having that action convert into revenue.

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We'll scan your website for any issues that could hurt rankings with the major search engines. Once complete we will email the results to you. We will leave the ball on your side of the court as to deciding whether to call us to go over the results. Take advantage of this free offer as it can reveal critical information on the current state of your website for improved rankings.

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